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From Decision to Disease

For many people, substance abuse begins as a casual incident, but they quickly find that the volume they are taking, and how regularly they are using it, is snowballing. When drug abuse increases in quantity and frequency, it is more difficult to go without the drug because the addict fears the extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Eventually, the addict’s body becomes so dependent on the drug that it can’t function properly without it. Knowing the pain that will be a part of quitting, most addicts don’t want to quit. They decide it’s better to stay an addict than endure the withdrawal symptoms. What began as a decision has now become a disease. The addict’s body and mind have changed. Both have become reliant on the drugs.

Quitting drugs without the proper help is nearly impossible for most people. Fortunately, this is something that good counselors and medical professionals are trained to deal with. The staff at a drug rehab center will know about what you’re going through and what steps can be taken to help you. Highly trained professionals can help you form a program that is suited to your individual needs, which will help you remain drug-free. They will determine which drugs you have been taking so they can better treat you. No two people will have the exact same treatment. But if you’ll let them help you, a qualified staff can determine the best ways to keep you off drugs forever.

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