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You might be worried about an acquaintance in your life, someone who’s drastically different because of drug and/or alcohol addiction. Addiction is disturbing for both the addict and their close friends and family. You may be asking, “How can I help my friend get sober permanently?” and “What should I do to get my family member help?” Loved ones can care a lot for the substance abuser but dealing with the addiction can wear them down to the bone. Eventually they have to say ‘no’ more often. At this stage, you can’t delay the confrontation any longer. Fear shouldn’t stop you from taking necessary action. It’s time to organize an intervention.

An intervention takes place when loved ones confront the addict directly and demand that they seek help to overcome their addiction. An intervention is usually moderated and organized by an interventionist. The interventionist should be a person who is familiar with the addict’s disease and how to treat it. In many cases, the interventionist can be a recovering addict themselves. This gives them great insight into what the addict is going through. An intervention becomes vital when damage is being done and there’s no other good way to stop it. It is, in a sense, an act of love toward the addict and the people being affected by the addiction

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